Images to Last a Life Time

We are a full service, family-owned and operated photography studio, who with care and creativity, bring to life portraits that meet your highest expectations and beyond. Starting in 1992, we have many years of experience to make sure your pictures go as smoothly as possible. You can take care in knowing that we will help you throughout the entire process. 

Along with our studio and portrait work, we have been serving as the school portrait photographer for Bellevue Public Schools and surrounding schools since 2011. As a local company, we provide a personalized experience with quality customer service. 

Certified Professional Photographer

Jeremy is PPA Certified. Like certification for other professionals, this means that his creative work and technical knowledge are considered to be above industry standards. As a PPA Certified photographer, Jeremy also participates in continuing education programs. This means that he is constantly learning new things and renewing his creativity, which directly benefits you, because the constant exposure to new ideas is reflected in his work.

Meet the Staff
Jeremy Johnson

Photographer, Owner

Michelle Johnson

Office Manager, Co-Owner